Subaru 360 Van Gallery

Wally and Joan Speidel own this 1970 360 van This 1970 360 van belongs to Eugenio Chiti of Brazil. This is a true 1970 van, which were not imported to the U.S

Here is the van of our club president, Ed Parsil of Ariz. decorated as the "worlds smallest street legal ambulance" This customized van belongs to Dave Amodt of Utah This wild looking van belonged to Austin Westphal of Shoreline WA This van with it's original owner, G.Fulcher in Seattle, Wash. getting ready for its trip to Utah

New owners to be: Rob and Kathryn Rowley of Provo, Utah You could see Rob climbing out of the van, loaded up for the trip. - All ready to go!! Here is Rob with Kathryn, & his two youngest children, Ben and Robin. And the newly restored van at the Southwest Unique Little Car Show in NV, 1999. This 1970 360 van belongs to Bobby Decola of Burnsville NC. He has owned it for 20 years, and has other 360s.

Many of our club members own other micro-cars besides their 360s (note the Isetta in the first photo) Ralph Lopez of Calif. owns this customized 1970 van

This van was "rescued" from a junkyard by Russell Gilreath of Kentucky. He found the club web site, bought the van & joined the club! Good Luck!! :) This van belongs to Jeff Sanford of Provo Utah. He purchased it after having his 360 pickup demolished in an accident, he was unhurt! This 360 van is ready to head east from Illinois to it's new home in VT. It has only 16K miles on it & spent the last 18 years inside a dealership.
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