Subaru 360 Sedan Gallery

The Subaru 360's of Richard Orlandi of Calif. The tow truck is made out of a 360 sedan

Member: Chris Meach, Falls Village VT

White is the runner, Red one is for parts.

White model has 14k miles & the Red? Over 100k!!

This is the 360 of Jon Strong of Hawarden Iowa Here is one of our members from Japan racing a Subaru 360

This Young belongs to Julian Kwasneski of Marin County CA Wedding "getaway car" 360 of members Mark & Julie Hatten of Portland Or. The rear window reads "cheaper than a limo". They were married Oct. 4 1997 This is a picture of a Subaru 360 Young SS which were not imported to the U.S. It belongs to international member, Ian Newman of Australia This pic was taken in 1980.Ian's is looking for info on his Young SS model. If you have info email:

Dan says that it was stored in a pile of straw for twenty years! Maybe this can be a way for all of us to preserve ours? This beautifully original sedan belongs to club member Dan Smous of Mishawaka Indiana. He bought it from the original owner with 10K miles. This was Russell Doyle's 360 - the Green Bean has now changed hands and belongs to member John Eisen

  Member: John Russell of Bay Point CA. This is one of the many in his "fleet" of 360s. Member: John Russell of Bay Point CA. This is one of the many in his "fleet" of 360s. This 360 is an original California car with 13,000 miles. It was restored and is owned by Craig and Chad Carlson, a father and son team, who live in S

This belongs to Louis Quenneville. He calls it "Pino This awesome purple 360 belongs to the Rael's of Arizona - - They call it "The Grape"   1959 Maia convertible belonging to Lou Crank of Nevada

Here is David Grimshaw's 360. He has his work cut out for him restoring this one. He says that it and the blue one in front of it are in pretty rough This is the 360 of member: Mike Corbin, of Seattle, WA. He bought it from E-Bay, and is going to restore it. Mike runs a Subaru repair shop and thought his business needed a "mascot". The car has 52,000 miles, runs but definitely need work.

Mike has worked on Subarus since 1986, and this is the first 360 he has ever seen in person. Visit Mike's store at: Chris White in Dartmouth MA. owns this 360 This 360 was off the road for 18 years and is now back on and running fine, thanks to club members help. Next year comes new paint and interior work. Here is a 360 owned by N. W. Burke. It has only 11,000 miles on

This 360 is owned by Jon Eisen of Glendale CA. The car & Jon's permanent home are Boston MA. This wild looking 360 is Tricia Pace's "first" car. You can see her holding her learner's permit! Her father Wes, wishes to thank the club and the members that helped him with this project. These artistic shots are of a 360 belonging to Anthony Del Monte of Jersey City N.J.

He has been a club member for 10 years and the 360 is named "Amelia" after his daughter. Anthony's car also has vanity plates telling everyone her name! These are pics of the newly restored 360 of Chris White of Dartmouth MA.  

  International Member: Imre & Etsuko Hegedus of Tokyo Japan Finding our club site was a major part of his decision in buying a 360, and joining the club! Beautiful little Sedan!

Tricia picked out the color scheme herself. Bill Willard & his 360 - he calls it "beating the summer heat!" This was taken after a recent rafting trip down the Clackamas river in OR The only "street legal" 360 in Western Australia. John Leathley, Australia - an Independent Subaru repairer in Perth, who restored this 360!

This is the project car of club member Lesley Denny of Texas. She convinced her father to give it to her, and is looking forward to working on it. Here is the wild looking 360 owned by club members Vicki & Kenny Siefker from Delphos, Ohio.

Here is the 360 of Mark Hatten with it's wild paint job. Probably one of the nicest 360's we've seen!

This car took almost three years to prep & paint. Stripped to bare metal, applied 8-10 coats of GM bright white paint, 2 coats of clear coat..... ..painted flames, then 5 more coats of clear coat. This Subaru 360 will never rust!! It gets plenty of looks now, deservingly so. It's a modified 1969. The headlights & tail lights have been changed and the big spoiler was added. They also added the fat tires and wheels! Wild! It's quite a little attention-getter and they have a ball everywhere they take it. They purchased another one, but it needs a lot of attention.

David Hinton, Cedar Rapids, Ia. 1970 Sedan 3rd owner 1500mi has original tires. Bought November 05. Looks like it should have clowns jumping out of it David Hinton, IA - one of the 2 parts cars - The car in the truck slowed traffic down past his house! 360 that Tom & Karie Belser found & acquired in Oklahoma. It is all set for it's trip back to Colorado, where it will begin it's rebirth 360 of Larry & Sharon Sodergren Hudson, WI. Her father's 360, which he bought new in 1970 - He even had invoice & sticker that was in the car!!


Subaru 360 Young in Japan Subaru 360 Young in Japan
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