The Lane Motor Museum is one of the few museums in America to specialize in European cars. Approximately 125 cars and motorcycles not typically seen in the US are on display.
Japanese Classic Car Maniacs! This site is loaded with photos of 360cc cars, run by one of our members from Japan, Tomohiko Iwasaki. He owns a 360 Custom, a station wagon.
The Subaru High Mileage Club is open to anyone with a Subaru with over 100,000 miles.
Microcar Club - A full world of microcars, from the Subaru 360 to the BMW Isetta, the site is loaded with tips, how-tos, restorations, links, info, and more!
Motoi Ohyama's Japanese Site with a variety of different and unusual 360 photos.
Jamie Thomas's site, listing 360 parts, parts manuals, parts availability, parts photos, and restoration photos. Jamie works for Subaru and she has the ability to order available parts if needed.

Liège-Brescia-Liège historic rally event which includes an impressive entry list of mini/micro cars!

Great photos, looks like fun!

Steve's Site!

Steve's Subaru 360 site  - collection of documents which are useful to the 360 owner!

The Bubbledrome

The Bubbledrome Mini and Microcar page
Barney Rael's Mini Car Page
Various mini cars
Irma the 1970 Subaru 360 Pickup
Restoration photos and details
Mike's Subaru 360 Message Board
Want ads, discussion

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